Case: Telia Carrier Declarations


Giving customers some attitude

You can’t just say you’re the best and expect people to listen. That was the challenge faced by Telia Carrier. Although they had reached the #1 ranking for global IP backbones, they were struggling to differentiate their offering. So, we suggested they differentiate themselves with their attitude instead. We did this by depicting the stories of people from other walks of life who share the same approach.

Attitude is something Sven Yrvind has plenty of. He’s spent his life building and sailing tiny boats around the world. And at 78, he was set for his next adventure: to sail from Ireland to New Zealand in a 4-meter boat. Sven Yrvind is one of the people we chose to communicate Telia Carrier’s approach through films.

The publicity that Telia Carrier received as a result of these films was quite impressive. Receiving over 2.5 million views online, it was a significant increase in awareness. And, a new way to talk to customers about what truly matters when it comes to choosing a backbone.

About Telia Carrier Declarations
Every Carrier needs a code. A set of principles that defines a premium Internet infrastructure and how to build it globally. When developing the Carrier Declarations, the aim was to set the bar high within the Carrier industry. After years of solid collaboration, this strategy helped Telia Carrier achieve levels beyond expectation. Gone are the days of being a highly technical, product-driven outfit. Now they’re a flag-waving, world-conquering Internet Carrier. One who exemplifies what every Carrier should live by.


Case: Telia Carrier Declarations


1.5 days, 15K dominoes, 1.5 million views

Telia Carrier Declarations has built a foundation for highly successful communication in recent years. But in 2017 they needed a new spark.

Therefore, we searched for people who embodied each of the six principles and let them tell their story. The result is six short films and six inspiring stories.

We started with the world's most connected man and a 78-year-old adventurer. Then we met Lily Hevesh, who spent 1.5 days building the Internet in the form of 15,000 dominoes. Turns out, the Internet loved it. The video received more than 1.5 million views during its first week.

The results for Telia Carrier are clear: a dramatic increase in web traffic, brand awareness and potential new customers wanting to know more about Telia Carrier. It would be easy to call it a domino effect ... (sorry).

About Telia Carrier declarations

When we developed the Carrier declarations, the goal was to set the bar for the Carrier industry. We thus created rules to follow that define premium Internet infrastructure and how to build it globally. After years of close cooperation, this strategy helped Telia Carrier reach levels beyond expectations. Gone is the role of a high-tech, product-driven player. Instead, they rank number one in the industry and are a benchmark for how every carrier should act.


Case: Quicke


Farmers and the Cloud's silver lining

Farming is hard work. Even today. Quicke, a world-leading manufacturer of tractor equipment, wanted to reposition their brand for the modern farmer. Since big data has a big role to play in maximizing a farm’s output – Quicke’s products and services aim to usher farms into the digital age. Helping farmers work smarter, not harder. Our message was precisely this. 

Work smarter. Not harder.
Hilanders devised a brand strategy covering visual identity and various applications for communicating Quicke’s new position. We launched a new web platform, design, and implementation. In conjunction with a new range of IoT-based services and products. Focusing on the benefits of digitization on farms, Quicke is going beyond tractor front loaders and into an offering that’s loaded with intelligence.


Case: Net Insight


Doing much more than it says on the box

Like many other companies with engineering in their DNA, Net Insight had primarily presented with a dominant product focus and an emphasis on technical detail. In other words, boxes. Lots of boxes with flashing lights. But as a global market leader helping broadcasters and content owners change the face of media broadcasting – particularly live events – Net Insight turned to Hilanders to help makeover their own public face.

Engineering experiences
To reposition Net Insight as the premium provider of future media transport solutions, we shifted their content focus from the things they make to the values they deliver – simplicity, efficiency, experience. And we established a new visual identity to reflect this, one which flows through a new logo, templates, core web site, and investor site. Importantly, the new visual identity contains visual cues and imagery that capture the immediacy of a live event and allow a single core message to be tailored to differing market needs. Net Insight now presents to the world not as an engineering company, but as a dynamic leader of market transformation.