Hilanders + BerntzonBylund


Hilanders and BerntzonBylund join forces.

Hilanders is one of Sweden’s most reputable B2B agencies. BerntzonBylund has had a strong focus on strategy in both B2B and B2C since 2007. Both are part of the H&H Group and together will soon be aiming to take B2B to unprecedented heights. 

“It's very exciting to take this step together with Hilanders and Hilanders’ clients. We’ve been keeping an eye on Hilanders since our start in 2007 and have always seen them as a tough competitor, having competed against them in several pitches over the years. When we became part of the H&H Group in September, Hilanders became one of our sibling agencies and we quickly realized that we’re much closer to each other than we’d thought. Both workwise and culturally.” –  Joachim Berntzon, BerntzonBylund's CEO. 

The merger takes place in early 2019.  Hilanders will then become part of the BB Comm Group that includes three sister agencies, Mindmakers PR, Socialminds and Wonderland Events.

“B2B requires deeper, more meaningful insights, seeing that the entire industry has changed drastically in recent years. It simply puts new demands on the expression of the communication. Not least as a result of digital development and the growing role that social media plays. Here’s where Hilanders’ and BerntzonBylund’s areas of expertise become a perfect mix for creating the 2.0 version of B2B communication.” – Niklas Gustafsson, Creative Director and acting CEO at Hilanders.

“Hilanders is a fantastic business with experienced, skilled employees and exciting clients. The same goes for BerntzonBylund and we see big potential in added value with this merger. I'm really looking forward to seeing the effect of letting these strong brands unite their powers.” – Johan Ramsten, H&H Group's vice president.

The agency will be 25 people strong and will operate under the BerntzonBylund name. The merger, already underway, will be completed during Q1 of 2019.

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H&H Group acquires BB Communications Group


H&H Group has strengthened and complemented its offering by acquiring all shares in BB Communications Group, which includes the strategic advertising agency BerntzonBylund, the PR agency Mindmakers, the social media agency Socialminds and the events agency Wonderland.

The deal will make the main owners of BB Communications Group, Joachim Berntzon and Hans Bylund, partners in H&H Group together with other co-owners Sten Åkerblom, Martin Stadhammar, My Söderholm and Mia Jorpes.

"For us, this is an attractive step in our continued entrepreneurship. Together with our new partners in H&H Group, we can bring everything to the next level, both internally and for customers. With three Office of the year awards in the bag for our advertising business and a comprehensive offering in all areas of the communications industry, we are already at the forefront, but we now get the firepower to become an industry-leading agency," says Joachim Berntzon at BB Communications Group.

BB Communications Group consists of four cooperating agencies that work with both their own customers and fully integrated assignments between multiple agencies. A holistic approach to communications was one of the founding ideas of the group, which was launched 11 years ago by Hans Bylund and Joachim Berntzon. In H&H Group, the potential for cooperation further increases.

"We are passionate about developing an ecosystem with successful agencies that with great freedom and sustained entrepreneurship can continue to develop. Together, we get more power, inspiration and resources. We know Joachim and Hans from previously and have been impressed by their courage and skill both in terms of successful customer assignments and their company building skills. We really look forward to working together now," says Martin Petersson, President and CEO of H&H Group.

For employees and customers, the acquisition does not involve any direct changes in day-to-day operations.

"The goal is of course to benefit from being part of a larger group to become even more attractive for both customers and for employees. We know that H&H Group can provide us with those opportunities," says Hans Bylund at BB Communications Group.


Joachim Berntzon, Founder & Senior consultant Tel: +46 708 644 235

Hans Bylund, Founder & Senior consultant Tel: +46 708 644 447

Martin Petersson, President and CEO of H&H Group. Tel: +46 709 711 291

About H&H Group

H&H Group is partner-owned and has seen strong growth since 2014. Following the acquisition, BB Communications Group is now part of 17 agencies with offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping, London and Shanghai. Overall, the group’s agency income amounts to almost 550 million with nearly 450 employees. The other agencies in the group are Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Comprend, Intellecta, Jung, Creo, Springtime, Hilanders, Tomorrow, Identx, Unreel, Consilio, Bysted and Savvy.



Creative Director in the jury


The 100-wattaren has a special place in our hearts. We like communication that creates results and are proud to have collected quite a few watts over the years. This year our creative director, Niklas Gustafsson, is in the jury for the category "Companies". Fun!

Other members of the jury can be found at Resumé.

The prize ceremony will take place on November 29th at Stockholm City Hall.


Apply Now


Art directors and multidesigners… here’s your shot at achieving career highs. 

Is your head sizzling with fresh, new ideas? Are you looking to connect your artistic acumen with several leading corporate brands? And (crucially) do you have cool playlists to pump through the agency speakers? If so, read on.

We’re Hilanders – a leading Swedish B2B communications agency who’s breaking new ground on the international stage. We’re explorers at heart and we’re looking for an art director with a similar spirit. If you have this coupled with keen business insights and a strong view on what makes excellent B2B communication, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact our CEO, Christina Kazeem at T: +46 733 113 052 or E:

Hilanders is a dedicated B2B agency with offices in Stockholm and Shanghai. We focus on strategic communications, and our clients often operate on a global arena and in complex markets. We help them with communication that creates business. We believe that successful communication requires deep insight into the client’s business, combined with creative solutions that move people. With this formula, we have proven our ability to create business value, time and again.


75W spark for Hilanders. Lightning strike for B2B.


Ladies and gentlemen, David once again slayed Goliath.

Not only did we just win Silver at the 2017 100-Wattaren Awards – we won in a very coveted category amongst some of Sweden’s B2C ‘big boys’. Our campaign for Telia Carrier received 75W in the Long-Term Branding category. A first for any B2B agency in years. Hurrah! Happy, proud, astounded and a little sweaty and hoarse after the screaming and dancing – we’ve got some thanking to do.

Firstly, to the awesome and brave people at Telia Carrier for being our sparring partners in wanting to do cool stuff. Secondly, to everyone who allowed us to tell their stories in the Carrier Declarations. Thirdly, to a very talented 11-year-old who probably helped tip the scales in our favour. And last, but not least – to the team at Hilanders. We did it. Let’s keep slaying!

If you still haven’t seen the film…what’s wrong with you? Jokes aside, you can see it here.


A Higher Purpose for B2B


And everybody loves babies and wants to save the world

An increasingly popular way to make your brand relevant and “in tune with the masses” is to connect it with an issue larger than the business itself. Making a small statement in this era of turmoil is tempting and potentially rewarding, but also risky.

The balance between successful higher purpose campaigns and obvious “goodwill" claims is tricky, but comes down to one important question: is the standpoint consistent with your brand or not?

This is where clear vision, strong strategy, and a tight focus come in handy.

Pepsi and Heineken provide two recent examples – one that worked well, and one that backfired spectacularly.

Against a charged political landscape, Pepsi tried to sell the idea of smoothing over an imaginary social justice issue by having police and ambiguous protesters accompanied by Kendall Jenner share some cans of soda. This ad was met with universal ridicule.

Heineken had more success, tackling arguably more sensitive subject matter – bigotry and intolerance. They put real people on the spot in a controlled environment. Their beer was present, but only as an aid to the solution – conversation – not the solution itself.

Heineken’s confidence to let the brand be secondary to a gritty issue contrasts with Pepsi’s more strongly branded niceness, which drained their ad of any sense of authenticity.

Here are some of our other favourites when it comes to letting a brand take the backseat to a bigger core issue:

Always – Like a Girl

Hövding – Give a Beep

Sport Club do Recife – Immortal Fans

All of these ads grab a bigger issue while staying true to their purpose: making life easier for girls and women; keeping cyclists safe in traffic; and creating a sense of team unity and strength in a football club.

As a little bonus treat, we’d also love to share this Valentine’s Day 2015 campaign from the US Ad Council, dedicated to celebrating love every day, in all its forms.


// Maria Ströman, planner