It’s easier to say things than to actually do them…

Storytelling has been the latest buzz for far too long now, all that humming makes your ears go numb. All jokes aside, in this age of communication overload we need to start focusing on the actions behind the narrative. To put it simple, don’t think “what can we say?” but “what can we do?”

By creating communication that shows both our organization’s process and dedication with current updates we give our audience; clients and stakeholders, something to associate to our brand that has continuous relevance. 

Within the world of B2B, where projects often have a quite distant deadline, the value of storydoing is even greater. Giving a telling glimpse into the business moves “the future” closer to today. And this is achieved by storydoing, with a communication message carrying both vision and process, applicable to each channel. 


A distant goal is a challenge for many communicators, and businesses for that matter. This has been a great obstacle for space explorative measures as well, ever since man managed to land themselves on the moon. The mission for man’s travel to mars has been a long time coming, with varying degrees of attention. NASA chose to tackle this by making that journey come to life, in collaboration with National Geographic. The production combines a fictional dramatization of a mission to mars with documentary clips with participants like Elon Musk, another strong stakeholder in the Mars venture. Read more.